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“Mega“ capelin season off to a slow start

The entire Icelandic pelagic fleet is off the east coast catching the capelin. The fish has been evasive and tricky to catch with daily catches ranging from 200-500 MT. But still the captains are optimistic and confident that the fishing will pick up as the big shoals arrive.    

Mackerel search continues

Icelandic vessels continue their search for mackerel southwards where the water is warmer. It looks like the waters around Iceland are still too cold but that we will find the mackerel coming up further north later in the summer.

Fish Meal

In order to maximise the production from pelagic raw materials it is vital for Triton‘s partner Loðnuvinnslan (LVF) to have its own fish-meal production. The fish-meal factory is modern and uses green renewable energy. It is FEMAS and HACCP certified as well as having IFFO Global Trust certification. The factory also has a Chinese Registration …

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