Triton Iceland


New product line

We are happy to upload the first photos of our new product line consisting of Crunchy Capelin w. Roe and the brand-new Fish-Jerky Crunch. The products are dried using a special patented method which leaves them super light and crunchy. The new innovative drying method is groundbreaking, low energy use and results in guaranteed crunchiness, …

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Capelin Roe season to begin shortly

Icelandic boats scramble to catch a few more hauls of capelin for freezing whole/round before beginning with the roe production. The Icelandic Marine & Freshwater institute increased the capelin quota for the current season last week.


We are happy to announce the launch of a new product in cooperation with our partners at Responsible Foods company.   Responsible Foods have developed a new innovative way of drying fish products under the Næra brand. The first product to launch is Dried female capelin with roe. The new innovative drying method is goundbreaking, …


Capelin Quota 2022/2023

The Icelandic Marine Institute (Hafro) recommends a capelin quota for the 2022/2023 season not exceeding 218.400 MT.  80% of which will go to Icelandic vessels.   This volume is approximately 75% reduction from last years record quota of almost 870.000MT which saw about 520.000 MT landed by the Icelandic vessels. About 12.000 MT of “capelin roe“ …

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Japan International Seafood & Technology EXPO

Triton just returned from a first time participation in the Japan International Seafood & Technology EXPO. Japan remains one of the most important markets for Capelin and Capelin Roes and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet with our customers there face to face again after a long covid induced pause.