Triton Iceland

New product line

We are happy to upload the first photos of our new product line consisting of Crunchy Capelin w. Roe and the brand-new Fish-Jerky Crunch.

The products are dried using a special patented method which leaves them super light and crunchy.

The new innovative drying method is groundbreaking, low energy use and results in guaranteed crunchiness, making it ideal for a high protein and light snack, straight from the cold, clean waters around Iceland.

The fish is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, and is best enjoyed with a cold beer, or as a healthy treat in the great outdoors.

With this method, all additives are superfluous, what you get is pure unadulterated fish, with no added sugar, salt, or fat, no preservatives, no extra flavours. 100% natural.

We will showcase our new products at the Barcelona Seafood Expo 25-27th of April at our stand, number 3B201.