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Export of Lumpfish to China

Triton starts export of Lumpfish frozen whole round to China. Triton promotes law changing project which requires all Lumpfish to be landed and processed rather than discarded at sea after taking the roe. All lumpfish that is caught in Iceland today is exported.

Triton becomes a partner in Jón Þorsteinsson

Triton becomes a partner in Jón Þorsteinsson – cod liver canning factory in Akranes. Rolf Arnarson becomes CEO. Later the name is changed to Akraborg. Triton thus becomes along with Bornholms of Denmark sole sales agents for the factory.

Sale of rawmaterial begins

Triton begins to sell rawmaterial from Barentssea to Icelandic processors. Icelandic vessels start sailing to the “Loophole” in the Barentsea for fishing.

Founding of Jón Þorsteinsson canning factory

Dr. Erlendsson is instrumental in the founding of Jón Þorsteinsson, canning factory in Akranes and oversees the factory’s sales to begin with. ( Link to the document, see page 30-31)

Canned Cod Liver

production of Canned Cod Liver starts in “Lagmetisiðjan Garði” in Grindavík

New canning factory

Triton co-founds canning factory “Lagmetisiðjan Garði” to produce canned shrimps.